I had been referred to Dr. Hong Qi for headaches (after dealing with several other methods of treatment) and  initially wasn't feeling hopeful for a healthier me in the near future. Since having started my acupuncture treatment I have felt nothing but happiness due to the progress I have made and ultimately have had faith restored in me that I am capable of becoming the healthy young adult I once was prior to my car accident.  Dr. Hong Qi is an incredibly kind and knowledgeable individual. She has made me feel comfortable throughout my sessions as well confident that with her continued treatment I am capable of becoming stronger and headache free person. I highly recommend her services and encourage all those looking for alternative medicines to try her treatments."

Thank you for everything!


Miraculous!  I've had pain in my right knee for 2 years that has disrupted my sleep .  In one treatment with Dr Hong Qi, the pain has disappeared.  I am told this not typical but I am thankful all the same.   It's wonderful  to be

sleeping and moving pain-free.



As a registered nurse I was concerned about choosing what's considered an alternative medicine health care provider. What I found in Dr. Hong Qi was a professional who put me at ease. Her skilled hands and techniques have improved my quality of life. She is knowledgable about the body and how to help it heal. It took time for me to improve as I had many chronic illnesses, such as arthritis, asthma, & high blood pressure. I still take my medications from my doctors but I am less reliant on high doses for pain medicine. I have trusted her with my family's treatment. I highly recommend Dr. Hong Qi for acupuncture.

Ginny M. R.N.

Our experience with Hong Qi has been wonderful! She has been our Acupuncturist for many years. Our most recent success with Hong Qi was related to a sports injury to our child's hip. After ten months of frustrating attempts to resolve the injury, ranging from physical therapy to multiple consultations with children sports injury specialists, we turned to Hong Qi for help. After two weeks of acupuncture and acupressure treatments from Hong Qi, our child was pain free! We recommend Hong Qi from the perspective of the highest sort: we trust our child's health and well-being to her.


Dr. Hong has been the answer to my prayers. I suffered septic shock last summer and literally, could not move my legs after  being released from a twenty-five day hospitalization. I was certain I could get back on my feet if I could find a good acupuncturist.  My former practitioner had moved from the area, so I had to search for someone new. When I read about Dr. Hong's extensive education and practice in China, it was just what I was hoping to find. She helped me get back on my feet and walking again.

Five months after the septic shock, my nine year old total hip replacement dislocated. There was a failed THR with metallosis. Revision surgery was very successful, and once again, Dr. Hong helped me. I was able to impress my surgeon with my rapid recovery. She continues to help me with lower spine pain and respiratory issues.  

As a medical professional, I am drawn to acupuncture with its time proven techniques that avoid medications for pain. I am absolutely thrilled to have found Dr. Hong.

Mary C. Wakeman, D.V.M.

​​I had suffered knee osteoarthritis for past 2 years.  After knee replacement surgery, the recovery was slower than I expected, and the swelling, stiffness and pain were still so bothersome, though I was on physical therapy for a while.  Then, I went to Dr. Qi for acupuncture through a referral from a close friend. After a couple sessions with Dr. Qi, I felt much better.  Dr. Qi is very professional with an extensive experience not only in acupuncture cure, but also in human body anatomy with her medical training. She is also very kind and patient.  Because of Dr. Qi and the treatment she has provided, I am so confident in acupuncture and what it can do for human bodies.

Jean L.

I had suffered over 7 months with sciatica nerve problems and the physicians tried physical therapy as well as shots.  None of this worked.  Had heard from one of my friends to try acupuncture because it really works!  I was desperate and in a lot of pain so I decided to try Dr. Hong.  I took a couple of sessions but I am happy to say that I no longer have a problem.  She is an excellent Dr.  I fully believe in acupuncture and what it can do for our bodies.


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I have had wonderful relief from a lifetime of chronic pain and in both my back and feet. Hong's care and compassion is apparent in each visit, catering to changing needs each visit. The atmosphere is very relaxing and comfortable, you know you are in good hands. I highly recommend her.


​​My name is Richard. I am a PhD research scientist and have lived in East Lyme CT for over 35 years. Five years ago, I began to experience intermittent lower back pain that extended from my right side into the right groin and down my leg to the knee cap. Over time, this pain worsened and in recent months, became constant and almost unbearable. An MRI revealed severe spinal stenosis. The pain doctor showed me an image of the oriface in my lower spine constricting the nerve, a classic indicator of a "pinched nerve," the likely cause for my continual discomfort. For weeks, I could not sleep. Some nights I did sleep, but only through sheer exhaustion, but on other nights I got no sleep at all. The pain management doctor administered shots in my lower back to no avail. Finally, I made an appointment with a top neurosurgeon in Providence, Rhode Island, in anticipation of having lower back surgery but had to wait about six weeks before I could see him. In the meantime, I did a lot of reading on lower back pain only to discover the overall success rate on spinal operations was not very good, less than 50% in fact. As a scientist, I found this statistic very troubling. However, my research did reveal that there are other remedies for pain mangement, one of which is acupuncture. Not being familiar with acupunture, one of my doctors recommended Hong Qi, who by coincidence practiced in East Lyme. As a scientist, I approached the concept of acupuncture with some skepticism, but my pain was practically unbearable so while I was waiting for my appointment in Rhode Island, I was willing to try anything. I was only able to endure my pain with heavy medication, opioids, which I wasn't fond of taking. So I went to see Hong Qi thinking I had nothing to lose. On the first visit, she wanted to know everything about my medical situation. After my first three visits, nothing changed. But then, after the forth visit, an amazing thing happened. The throbbing pain that moved up from my right kneecap seemed to disappear. And when it came time for bed that night, what usually was an arduous exercise---trying to find the least uncomfortable sleep posture often with no success---to my utmost surprise and delight, I found myself for the first time in months completely pain-free, and was able to sleep peacefully through the night and have ever since. My pain is completely gone. As a scientist, I ask myself how can this be? According to Hong Qi, it was a muscle that was constricting the nerve and not bone as the MRI suggested. My primary care doctor confirmed this notion. Many older people have lower back issues and an MRI showing disease (stenosis) in one patient may show a similar image in a person who has no pain at all. I still need to monitor my stenosis, but after my visit with the neurosurgeon in Rhode Island, he assured me it will be a while before surgery is necessary. As he told my wife, "Your husband is good for at least another 100,000 miles before seeing me again." Thank you Hong Qi for allowing me to avoid this surgery. You saved me thousands of dollars in hospital expenses, but most of all you cured me of my pain and gave me back my life.

Richard K.